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A Christian Mission Working in the Dominican Republic

Projects in the Dominican Republic

Beyond the Child and the Community

"Pick up your mat and walk"
-Matthew 2:11 NIV

COPA transforms the lives of children and their families by teaching them skills that will help them to live self-sufficient lives. The people work alongside COPA work teams on building projects, leaning new skills that generate self-confidence and pride. Sponsored children are teaching their families to read and write. Hope is being renewed in the Dominican Republic.

The LaHoya Project:
An Ongoing Success Story

"Ask and it will be given to you." - Matthew 7:7a NIV

With both small and large financial contributions, and by the efforts of many work teams, Community Partners have built school facilities in LaHoya which now serve as a model for the entire country.

  • Since 1992, when the first classrooms were built, school attendance has increased from 40 children to 400.
  • A Dining Shelter serves as a gathering place for assemblies and other school activities.
  • The Mission House now accommodates resident volunteers and visitors.
  • COPA's Health Advisor works with local public health nurses and doctors to provide care services at the Clinic.

The Bombita Project:
A Work in Progress

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed..." - Matthew 17:20 NIV

Bombita is occupied by descendents of immigrant Haitians who live in poverty and desolation. Depending only upon seasonal work cutting sugar cane, their living conditions are worsened by the lack of a clean water supply. An irrigation ditch is their only water source.

COPA responded to their plea for help in 1996. Contributions and work teams have developed a program similar to LaHoya's, including a fine school and clinic.


Continuing Education

After completing the programs at COPA's LaHoya and Bombita schools, some students continue their education at the private high school in Licateba. COPA works with sponsors to provide scholarships for students to attend the high school.

Jesus in Action

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you and watch over you."
- Psalm 32:8 NIV

The people of LaHoya and Bombita are being taught about Jesus, but they see the love of Jesus in action through the caring service of COPA volunteers, meeting the ultimate aim of COPA to share God's love through service. As the cup of living water is shared, new life and hope are brought to all of God's children, young and old.


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